Premium DDoS Mitigation

400x200webimage premiumddosReal-Life Business Problem:

Rampant volumetric DDoS attacks on e-commerce or company website

For attack-prone organizations such as gaming, financial and government, premium DDoS attack mitigation services is an essential subscription to ensure business continuity in light of such virtual disasters. GRE (Generic Route Encapsulation) Tunnel solutions are recommended to easily and constantly avert malicious traffic. Such services need to be outsourced to DDoS mitigation experts who work round the clock to monitor network activity and quickly implement security measures in the event of an attack.



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IPC is the first DDoS Mitigation Service Provider in the Philippines, mitigating attacks since 2007 in partnership with world leaders in anti-DDoS services.


Website downtime can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars an hour due to lost revenue and brand damage. Web attacks like SQL injection and XSS can be even more devastating, resulting in massive data breaches, customer turnover, notification costs, lawsuits, and fines. Imperva Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery service that protects websites and increases their performance, improving end user experiences and safeguarding web applications and their data from attack. Incapsula includes a web application firewall to thwart hacking attempts, DDoS mitigation to ensure attacks don’t impact online business assets, a content delivery network to optimize and accelerate web traffic, and a load balancer to maximize the potential of web environments.




As a longtime leader in DDoS defense, Nexusguard is at the forefront of the fight against malicious Internet attacks, protecting organizations worldwide from threats to their websites, services, and reputations. Continually evolving to face new threats as they emerge, they have the tools, insight, and know-how to protect their clients’ vital business systems no matter what comes their way. Nexusguard's objective is to prevent attacks that disrupt online businesses and enable the use of the Internet as intended. It protects companies of all sizes with premium Internet security solutions, empowering them to focus on their business — and not on how to maintain business uptime. Its experienced security experts and researchers fortify Nexusguard’s repository of attack signatures — a critical resource for quickly formulating on-target mitigation strategies and better security solutions.


What is DDoS?

Incapsula- DDoS Protection
  • Available as an always-on or on-demand service
  • Powerful network of globally positioned data centers
  • Application (Layer 7) and Network (Layers 3, 4) DDoS protection
  • Blanket DDoS protection for all types of services (UDP/TCP, SMTP, FTP, SSH, VoIP, etc)
  • Backed by a 24x7 security team and a 99.999% uptime SLA
Nexusguard- Internet Services Protection Architecture
  • Application Protection Service: a solution that provides comprehensive threat mitigation while allowing organizations to operate uninterrupted
  • Origin Protection Service: guards against threats that target network resources. The service is especially beneficial for organizations that can’t afford any downtime of their network assets
  • DNS Protection Service: a robust solution for protecting your organization’s domain name — and therefore its online presence. This critical service enables organizations to isolate their DNS services, resulting in a globally distributed and resilient security posture


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