Internet Connectivity Service Provider PhilippinesReal Life Business Problem:

Unreliable Internet connectivity causing service outages and lost income

A service provider for dedicated Internet connectivity must be flexible enough to provide multiple last mile options to deliver high-quality, reliable and resilient Internet bandwidth. IP Peering with multiple carriers and Internet exchanges is essential to ensuring the lowest network latency possible for that high-speed Internet experience.






IPC Global Internet Access

IPC Global Internet Access provides customers with high capacity Internet connectivity through diversely-routed, IP backbone networks in the Asia-Pacific region, with direct connectivity to the US and Europe.

Customers immediately benefit from superior network performance and extensive Internet connectivity to the rest of the world. In addition, GIA provides flexible and highly-scalable solutions that support the changing and growing requirements of enterprises. And, being truly carrier-neutral, IPC is peered and partnered with all domestic and major regional telecommunications carriers, making GIA a robust and resilient communications service. In addition, through steadfast business relationships with these leading providers, IPC is able to serve clients from any point in the country, and the region.

GIA is offered at different service levels, speeds, configurations and interface types to provide the scalability and flexibility to match individual customer requirements.Through IPC’s multi-gigabit active international core network capacity, Philippine-based customers are just a few hops away from global Internet markets, and foreign clients are likewise able to extend the availability of their products and services to the bustling local market.



Connectivity Services:

Through our steadfast business relationships with major international and domestic carriers, we are able to provide our customers with multiple options for multi-carrier IP transport services in the country and to the rest of the world.

Digital Leased Lines or Local Loops serve as direct connections between our customers’ premises and our GIA platform in our state-of-the-art data center facilities. Being carrier-neutral, our domestic network coverage is as large as that of all local loop providers combined.

IPLCs (International Private Line Circuits) are dedicated international circuits delivered through IPC’s robust and fully redundant network infrastructure and managed by our 24 x 7 Network Operations Center. We offer IPLCs through our international telco partners, bundled with our GIA bandwidth, or as clear channels, depending on customer requirements.

Managed IP-VPN provides secure communications to our customers’ remote locations, and ensure the privacy of data transmission. The solution enables secure, reliable connectivity along with network and application-level protection for critical, high-traffic network segments where advanced applications such as VoIP and streaming media are highly utilized.



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