Office Collaboration and Productivity

Real Life Business Problem:

Low productivity due to lack of collaboration between coworkers using traditional business tools

Online collaboration can save businesses the cost and complexity of legacy solutions; web-based applications also drive proven productivity gains. In fact, with productivity-boosting features like multi-person, real-time collaboration and fast message search, the total business value of such tools is over 3 times greater than the cost savings alone. It's so much easier to run your entire business in the cloud.



Work Better Together from Anywhere. More than 5 million businesses have made the move to Google Cloud to help employees work better together and be more productive, wherever and whenever they work. Google’s solution is cloud-based, which means software updates are as easy as refreshing your web browser. With Google Apps, there are no servers to purchase and maintain, reducing IT cost and complexity.

Google Cloud includes secure, reliable workplace tools for email, calendar, text and video chat, document creation, project websites, and online storage and sync, and allows for easy extensibility with hundreds of applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Switching to Google Cloud is easy for IT and for end-users. With data migration capabilities for all common legacy systems included at no extra cost, companies can transition quickly and with minimal disruption. Google Apps for Work offers users the familiar experiences of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and other tools already used by hundreds of millions of people in their personal lives, so minimal training and support are required.






An all-in-one suite to communicate, store and collaborate
logo_gmail_128px_clr  Gmail

30GB of inbox space with lightning-fast search and built-in instant messaging, voice calling, and video chat.

Simply the best email around.

logo_calendar_128px_clr  Calendar

Schedule events quickly by checking coworkers’ availability or layering their calendars in a single view. You can share calendars so people see full event details or just if you are free.

logo_google_plus_192  Google +

A social network designed for business, Google+ makes it faster and easier to share and collaborate with your customers and team members.

1x_web_logo_hangouts_color_128dp  Hangouts

Face-to-face team meetings, right from your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The proverbial water cooler just went global.

logo_drive_128px_clr  Drive

Keep all your work in one place, access it on any device, and share securely with anyone.

logo_docs_128px_clr  Docs

Create and edit text documents right in your browser—no dedicated software required. Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change is saved automatically.

logo_sheets_128px_clr  Sheets

Create spreadsheets in your browser—no dedicated software needed. Handle everything from simple task lists to data analysis with charts, filters and pivot tables.

logo_forms_192  Forms

Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets.

logo_slides_128px_clr  Slides

Create and edit polished presentations in your browser—no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time so everyone always has the latest version.

logo_sites_128px_clr  Sites

Launch an intranet for your company, a project site for your team or a portal for customers with our site builder. All without writing a single line of code.





IPC received training, support and deployment services from Google, as well as access to APIs for integrating Google Apps for Work into customers' business operations. And  since we retain a close relationship with our customers, we can provide additional service and support.  


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