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400x200webimage voicesReal Life Business Problem:

Complicated and unreliable call center application resulting in team inefficiency and higher spend

Contact centers are constantly faced with keeping their end clients satisfied and ensuring their agents work effectively. Often, the decision boils down to either a good call center setup but high costs and low agent pay, or inexpensive call center setup but with low output quality and low agent morale. With cloud based contact center solutions, a simple yet cost-effective and feature-rich application is ready to be deployed anytime, with minimal agent learning curve. Campaigns are launched easily and without enormous capital expense.


Simplicity has been at the core of developing IPC VOICES (Voice Over Internet Call Exchange Suite), and anyone capable of populating their Facebook profile will be able to configure the application comfortably. You can set up new campaigns in just a few minutes and forget about all your technical headaches.

With IPC VOICES, no special hardware is required. All you need is a computer and a headset. Contact center staff can work from anywhere as long as they are connected to the Internet, or you can easily manage multiple sites from one single dashboard.

Contact Centers are typically spending around 15% of their annual expense budgets on technology, but IPC VOICES is here to change that. IPC VOICES is charged per agent and per month used, and there are no fixed term contracts.

How does it work?

You subscribe to the number of agents you need each month – pay only for what you need. You can change the number of agents at any time. You can control the entire system from a simple control panel by defining campaigns, teams and agents. You use the same control panel to manage your campaigns and your agents. No assistance from your IT team will be required. We are confident this is the easiest system you have ever used in your call center.

Through the control panel you get access to real time statistics on what is going on and you can also change any campaign metric on the fly.




  • Multi-function dialler
  • Call recordings
  • Advanced script module
  • Voice and data integration 
  • Flexible VoIP options
  • Secure global hosting 
  • Appointment booking calendar
  • Simple reports w/ real time access 
  • On the fly filtering options
  • Client Portal – direct access
  • IVR capabilities
  • Email integration
  • Mini CRM
  • Multi- site support
  • Full mobility
  • Workforce management module
  • QA portal for simple review
  • Cascading campaign feature

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