Web Application Firewall

Web Application FirewallReal Life Business Problem:

Website defacement as an act of protest, vandalism or sabotage.

Website defacement has now become commonplace and hackers are often easily able to replace homepages with whatever they see fit. It is important that the integrity of your business is protected from such malicious acts and this can be done by implementing an effective cloud-based web application firewall.







As part of IPC DDoS Mitigation - InCAST (In-Country Attack Scrubbing Tactics) services, this is a cloud-based Web Application Firewall proxy solution deployed to monitor and control network traffic addressing website defacement and other web application security threats.

A web application firewall (WAF) is an appliance, server plugin, or filter that applies a set of rules to an HTTP conversation. Generally, these rules cover common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. By customizing the rules to your application, many attacks can be identified and blocked.


Low LatencyLow Latency

Creating faster turn-around time for data to be transmitted within the country. Prior to this, scrubbing operations had to be farmed out to other centers in neighboring Asian countries which can lead to higher latency, though it is considered to be an acceptable setback compared to complete downtime caused by an attack.

Data SovereigntyData Sovereignty

Not all businesses are sensitive about keeping data in-country. But those who are, need not worry. This is the first and only locally hosted DDoS attack scrubbing center in Philippines.

Local SupportLocal Support

Having local support affords local clients ease of access: the convenience of making a local call, on local time, with professionals who understand and speak the language which gives one a cost-effective and cost-efficient use of resources in terms of time and money, as well as better business relations.

Nothing To InstallNothing to Install

No hardware or software needs to be installed by customers because attacks are mitigated in the cloud.

No need to add professional headcount - being a professional service, IPC takes responsibility of meeting its Service Level Agreement (SLA) to customers. No need to look for DDoS mitigation experts (which are VERY hard to come by).


Zero CapexZero capex

Because there is nothing to install, there is no capital expense required. It is a full subscription service with predictable monthly fees -- like an insurance plan, for your online business.


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